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ProPita Tea is a delicious blend of cooling herbs and spices that makes a naturally refreshing summer tea, whether drunk hot in the morning or room temperature/cool during the day. I  love to brew a quart of ProPita tea in the hot weather with two bags, brewing it strong (leave the bags in), and  when it cools down mixing it at a 50-50 ratio with mineral water and a dash of lime juice for a drink that is mentally and physically uplifting during the overheated summer months.

R-U-Ved ProPita Tea Ingredients

R-U-Ved ProPita Tea contains the Pitta pacifying Indian kitchen spices Cardamom seed and Cinnamon bark with two of the sacred plants of Ayurvedic Medicine (and Hindu religion,) Sandalwood and Tulsi leaf (Ocimum Sanctum). Tulsi and Sandal are “tri-doshic,” which means they pacify all three doshas, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. As sacred plants Tulsi and Sandalwood are especially pacifying to the mental/emotional/spiritual aspect of dosha.  While Sandalwood is also very cooling to the body, Tulsi is actually a little bit warming, but pacifies Pitta because it gently take the edge off of the irritability and tension that can develop with internal or external sourced heat. To these four herbs R-U-Ved adds  Indian Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza Glabra), whose natural sweetness pacifies Pitta and balances the flavors of the Cardamon, Cinnamon, Sandalwood, and Tulsi.

R-U-Ved ProPita Tea Effects: Cooling Digestive Summer Heat Reliever 

R-U-Ved ProPita Tea is fundamentally a digestive tea that stimulates healthy digestive fire while at the same time cooling unwanted pathological heat. It does this with cooling digestive herbs (rather than warming ones like ginger or black pepper). Because R-U-Ved ProPitta tea has a cooling effect on body and mind it is beneficial year round to people with a Pitta dominant or secondary dosha. It is also useful for people who are not Pitta dominant, but have a Pitta elevation with symptoms of burning  anywhere in the body– from the gut to the skin. It is also a good adjunct for those who suffer from tension and hot temper.

Regular Use of ProPita Tea for Pitta Dosha, Summer Use for Any Dosha

With regular use, R-U-Ved ProPitta tea balances, or keeps pacified,  Pitta types year round. Pitta dosha is the Fire energy within a human being. When we have too much internal fire we get physical  symptoms the involve burning sensations and visible redness or inflammation, ranging from gastritis and GERD to acne and eczema. Another way the fire of Pitta manifests is feeling intolerant of hot weather and/or hot sun. That is why R-U-Ved ProPitta tea is so valuable for Pitta in summer, because it helps you adapt to the heat.

R-U-Ved ProPita tea can also be taken by anyone of any dosha during the hot months of the year, because that is when everyone of us suffers Pitta elevation.  R-U-Ved ProPitta tea is a much better way to cool down than drinking iced beverages, or eating ice cream and frozen yogurt, or even overeating watermelon, because, besides not having sugar, R-U-Ved ProPitta tea stimulates your digestive fire, called Agni in Ayurveda,  while cooling your bodymind, rather than damage your Agni the way cold, sweet, heavy foods and  beverages do.

ProPita Tea Combined with Coconut Water and Lime to Recover from Sun and Sweating

If you do overdo exposure to sun or heat in summer, Pro Pita Tea can help very much with recovery, in the way that watermelon juice or cucumber juice do. In this case I like to mix ProPitta tea with coconut water which is very very cooling and full of electrolytes. Try a dash of lime juice in that too, which gives a fantasic flavor and fragrance, and also adds to the cooling property.

ProPita Tea for the Mental Aspect of Pitta Dosha

On a psycho-emotional level  Pitta types tend to be intense, dominating, precise, with sharp intellects, and good at managerial skills and argument. None of  these traits is intrinsically bad when within reason. But when Pitta elevates these same people become over-intense, over-controlling, obsessive, irritable, and full of the kind of unhelpful and unnecessary tension that leads to disorders like tension headaches, migraines, ulcerative gut disorders, and high blood pressure. The human version of a volcano.

When used for the mental aspect of of Pitta dosha, I should say that, while R-U-Ved ProPita tea is a gentle, mild beverage that helps take the edge off, especially when drunk regularly, it is not as strong or immediate an effect as formulas like the Chinese Herbal Medicine Xiao Chai Hu Tang, Minor Bupleurum Formula, or some of the herbal teas with strong herbs like skullcap and hops. It does not have the direct effect on your nervous system that beer and wine do, for that matter.

But when I treat Pitta type disorders like tension or migraine headaches, or any of the Pitta disorders related to heat in the gut, like acne, gastritis, and GERD, I do often recommend R-U-Ved ProPita tea as a supportive kitchen medicine that keeps Pitta down at its physical source, in the upper GI. (The mental source is the mind and the nervous system. Key point there is that ultimately the mental and nervous system aspect dosha elevation has to be dealt with where it occurs, not in the gut but in the nervous system and mind. The most effective way to cool and calm the mind is with meditation).

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