Radiant health, according to Ayurveda, is simply a state in which you experience a zest for life and feel integrated and whole. Determine your bodymind type or Dosha and begin your journey to radiant skin, excellent sleep, appetite and digestion.  Learn more about the 3 Doshas.

To help determine your bodymind type or Dosha, please click the button below to download your Dosha questionnaire:




1) Read instructions and click button to take your Dosha Quiz.  Answer the questions in accordance with general trends throughout your life. This will give you a better understanding of your underlying Dosha, or  birth constitution, called prakruti.

2) Then answer the questions in accordance with how you look, feel, and behave today. For example, if you’ve slept well throughput your life, but just started having sleeping problems, the second set of answers will reflect this current imbalance, or vikruti. This is the starting point for any treatment plan.

It’s  important to remember that you are never just one dosha. We are all made up of all 3 doshas–inside each of us is Space, Air, Fire, Earth, and Water –these elements manifest in our bodymind in predictable ways governing specific functions and corresponding to specific tissues.

What we want to know is what our proportions are–are we fire dominant, water dominant, air dominant?  Are Pitta, Vatta, or Kapha dominant. And then we want to know what our secondary dosha is–are we Pitta Vatta, Vatta Pitta, Pitta Kapha, etc. Knowing your dosha type/combination is so important because your dosha predicts how your health is likely to fail, and therefore guides your choices for healthy living, wellness, and longevity.

But we also want to know where the current imbalance is. It can even be in your third or tertiary dosha, though it is typically in your first or second. In any event, the starting point is always to know where the current imbalance is.

Note: It is impossible for a simple questionnaire to capture the full dynamism of the doshas. The questionnaire has its limits; it does not feel your pulse, look at your tongue, or ask about your menstrual cycle, for example. In my Ayurveda practice here in San Diego, I use this questionnaire principally as a teaching tool. Its a good beginning, but to learn how to use this information, it is recommended to consult an Ayurvedic practitioner.


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