Phillip the Man

The man who would not stop. Phillip is an interesting father of 2 young kids, divorced, and in his mid-forties.

He is extremely active, with a long history of soccer and softball, that in his later years has morphed into a strict regimen of classic boxing….

Phillip with Covid

Recently, however, Phillip had a case of Covid. He had a fever, a sore throat, and pain, in his own words, “from my face to my toes.”

His digestion was spotty, with a fair amount of phlegm in his chest. Slowly returning to normal.

He took 4 days off from work, spending 3 days nailed to the matteress, as it were.

Now he comes to see me, 10 days later, complaining of horrific body pains, predominatly in his muscles and fascial layers

Today’s Complaints

I could not help but notice how the normally alert Phillip came in and basically collapsed onto the bench in my waiting room. He told me his story. His pulse was more rapid and forceful than usual. His tongue was uneventful.

I could tell by his voice once he got going that he was feeling a lot better. This is a guy who i am always trying to get to come in on a regular basis.

He complains specifically of pain in his back, lattisimus dorsi, and shoulders. Looking at his body I knew I wanted to combine dry needling with acupuncture.

I began with Du 14, GB 21/upper trap motor point, and the motor point of his lats, bilaterally. There was a huge response to the release of the lattisimus dorsi motor points. I almost felt that this was enough…But i know he likes getting treated, so i added the motor points of the rhomboid, the infraspinatus, and the teres, all three of which gave large releases.

Phillip on the Table and After

Within a minute of the needles releaseing the Lat Dorsi motor point, our man was out. Asleep. Once all the needes were in I left his “to cook” for around 15 minutes…Then I did cupping therapy.

When Phillip entered my payment processing room, he was another person from the man who came in. Looser, more relaxed, less worried. Typical reaction to Dry Needling and Chinese Acupuncture

I gave him contact info from my massage therapist, and told him to keep resting. He said, “i will call her and get it right away, but I can feel i will be boxing by this weeked!”


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