Morroccan Beet Salad for Vata Dosha

Here's a Beet Salad for Vata Dosha I learned from my Morrocan friend Edith that I like to make in Autumn and Spring as a side dish with heavier food. Beet are an excellent Vata vegetable as they are easy-to-digest and, like turnip and radish, and excellent digestive...

Herbs for Damp Heat in TCM

A person asked me what about Herbs for Damp Heat in TCM  on Quora. Here is my off the cuff answer Damp Heat in TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine, the term coined in the Communist era for what we now just call Chinese Medicine, is associated with an array of symptoms...

Ayurvedic Detox Tea for Colds and Flu

When fighting a cold or the flu ramp up your Agni internal fire by drinking a quart a day of Dr. Wickermasinghe's Ayurvedic Detox Tea for Colds and Flu.  Yes, the flu and colds are caused by viruses. But nursing is a vital part of medicine. Staying warm, pushing hot...

Ayurvedic Recipes

Featured Ayurvedic Recipes

Plant Based Recipes

Featured Plant Based Recipes

Ayurvedic Kitchari

What is Kitchari? Kitchari is a Sattvic, light, easy-to-digest, cleansing, detoxifying food that is excellent once a week, at the change of seasons, or any time you feel like giving your digestive system a break. It is also just a normal one-pot-dish you can have for...

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Paleo Recipes

Featured Paleo Recipes

Winter Jing Tonic Cabbage Soup

Winter Jing Tonic Cabbage Soup is an ideal way to nourish  what Chinese Medicine calls the Kidney Qi, associated with the deepest level of body energy, the Jing, or Essence. Growth, reproduction, basic energy levels, strength, and mental faculties are all associated...

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Napa Cabbage 1-2-3-

my friend lucia keeps composting her napa. (she grows a lot since she owns a farm, but she complained she has ideas for everything but napa).here are two great ways to use napa in cooking.one: napa stir fryheat sesame oil (plain, not toasted type)to pretty hotadd...

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