Vegan Sea and Land Vegetable Soup for Spring

Vegan Sea and Land Vegetable Soup for Spring is a gentle way to cleanse and renew the body in Spring, or whenever you feel weak or are recovering from illness. It relies on the deep flavors of root vegetables, sea vegetables, and shitake mushroom. It is a...

Winter Cleanse Soup with Burdock, Dandelion, and Kombu

  Most everyone overeats around the holidays, its hard not to; food is one of life's great pleasures; sharing it with people you love is even greater. So, at the end of December, when you have eaten too much, and too richly, take a few days and rest...

Cucumber Avocado Summer Soup

Cucumber Avocado Summer Soup is light, cooling, full of fiber, easy to digest, and safe for all three Doshas

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Epazote Mexican Herb to Relieve Gas

Epazote Mexican Herb to Relieve Gas is popular as a fresh herb in southern Mexican cuisine. It is most famously used in black beans, and is said to have a "carminative" effect. Carminative herbs and spices are medicines that, in the terms of European herbology prevent...

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