Wanted to post a link for the website of my favorite monk-teacher, ThanisseroBhikku.

He is at the Metta Forest Monastery, north of San Diego.


For free downloads of talks:  http://www.dhammatalks.org/


As we know from science, stress, which is actually our response to stressors, another words something we do have some measure of control over, is, through its effects on our nervous systems and hormones, a major disease causing mechanism. One of the best remedies, more than a remedy actually, a retraining of how we move through through this world, how we deal with stressors both external and internal, is meditation.

I think Mindfulness Meditation is the most effective, because it is a tool that allows you to work with the whole gamut of human emotions, rather than turning away from or denying them as “negative.”

Hope you enjoy these links!

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