Overeating Relief with Chinese Herbal Prescription Preserve Harmony Pill

Chinese Medicine excells at the treatment of digestive disorders, and one of the easiest cures is overeating relief with Chinese Herbal Medicine formula Preserve Harmony Pill, known in Chinese as Bao He Wan.

Bao He Wan  is my “go-to” Chinese herbal remedy for relief of the indigestion associated with overeating. In TCM we call this food stagnation.

Food Stagnation is Associated With

  • belching that tastes like undigested food or acid in the mouth
  • boating, fullness, or distension in the stomach/abdomen
  • gas
  • stomach pain
  • nausea or vomiting
  • and in children, diarrhea in the abscene of infectious disease
  • thick, greasy tongue coating


Soothe Your Stomach After Thanksgiving Dinner

Today is Thanksgiving, and many people will have not just overeaten normal food, but indulged in alot of heavy, high fat high protein food, without much vegetables to keep it moving, not to mention alchol and desert.Preserve Harmony Pill is designed by Zhu Dan Xi for exactly this scenario, “festival overeating, or the kind of overeating that occurs at weddings in India! Take it the moment you realize you have overdone it, and you can even prevent the above symptoms

When to Take Preserve Harmony Pill?

In fact, any  time you overeat, or eat too many carbs, protien, or fat at a time  Preserve Harmony Pill, will help. . As it mentions above, the cardinal sign for food stagnation that calls for Bao He Wan is a thick greasy tongue coating.

But you dont have to wait for the coat to appear. If you  have over indulged and are starting to feel symptoms, go for the herbs. A simple example is over indulging in Ice Cream. Ice cream is the trifecta–cold, heavy, and very sweet, all of which can lead to food stagnation

Lifestyle Causing Indigestion

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) describes digestion as a warm process of transformation of crude material into a warm soup from which nutrients and Qi are extracted  from the gut, filtered and broken down by the liver and transported to the cells via  the blood stream. For that to occur without any problems, we should relax while eating in a pleasant setting,  chew well, and go for a leisurely stroll after eating. If we dont, then the nervous system activation interferes with digestion via the Vagus Nerve. This is what western medicine finally understands as The Gut Brain Connection. I learned in Chinese Medicine school in 1989….

Diet Causing Indigestion

On top of that, we should eat a diet that is appropriate to our age, constitutional type, and the season. And the ideal healthy diet in chinese medicine has lots of lightly cooked vegetables.

Summary of Food Stagnation Causes

  • Eating while rushed or working
  • Wolfing down your food
  • Eating while upset
  • Eating too much raw, cold, heavy, greasy, or sweet foods
  • Not enough naturally bitter food like green vegetables
  • Iced beverages and deserts, like Frapuccinos and Big Gulps

In fact, often people crave iced beverages because they have food stagnation. Because Qi is warm, when it stagnates, it turns to heat. These folks faces are often flused and they can easily have acne.

More on the long term effects of food stagnation on the body.

Overeating Relief in People with Weak Guts or Damp Conditions

Preserve Harmony pill can also be used in conjunction with other Chinese herb prescriptions and/or Acupuncture, to treat people who get food stagnation even when they only eat a little.

These folk generally have a deeper level pattern, such as “Gan Shi” or “Pi Shu”,. Liver Depression Qi Stasis or Spleen Qi Vacuity that allows a damp condition to arise and lodge in the stomach or intestines. They feel like they need overating relief even when they just had a small snack. This can be strongly aggravated by anxiety, too. 

In the case of the excess condition, the person is generally either strong and intense, with powerful appetites, and/or they have overeaten and eaten the wrong foods for so long they have developed a damp condition

Those folk born with a weak gut, the Sp Xu constitution, maybe have a slow sluggish digestion, or just a weak fire. Its imperitive these folk eat light warming diet in the main, with digestive herbs and spices that stimulate the digestive fire.

Damp Condition

In both of these cases acupuncture therapy works really well, and in the case of Vacuity, which is weakness of the Digestive Fire (Agni in Ayurveda) we also use moxibustion. But if there are damp signs, like

Diet therapy is also vital, b/c you can’t recover from a gut issue if you keep damaging the gut with excessive amounts of cold energy, cold temperature, hard to digest raw, heavy, fatty, or sweet food. Balance is the key.

Chinese medicine describes the ideal diet as a mixture of grain for energy, protien for stregnth, and vegetable to keep the gut clean. Some people with perfectly health guts damage them over time by repeated diet excess, as above. I am very fond of Ginger tea as a kitchen medicine for people that over do cold food, from Beer and Ice Cream to Salads and Raw

For more info on the Damp Condition

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