Cucumber Avocado Summer Soup

2 cups chopped cucumber, peeled if non-organic
1 cup avocado
1.5 cups plain yogurt or kefir
1-2 tbsp fresh bell pepper
3-4 tbs fresh cilantro
Salt and Pepper to taste


This is a lovely creamy cooling summer soup that in Ayurvedic terms is especially suitable for both Pitta and Vatta, and quite tolerated by Kapha, as discussed below. What I want to show you below is how a dish is adjusted to suit a dosha, and how to eat seasonally.


This soup cools Pitta’s fire, which is naturally increased in Summer months. Both cucumber and cilantro are very cooling. For Pitta types use a yoghurt that is more sweet than sour, Pavel’s is a good example. Too much sour can aggravate Pitta, but a balanced Pitta will do fine with this since its predominantly cooling. A genuine hot Pitta type can drink this chilled in Summer.


This soup is cooling, which can increase Vatta, but that should not be a problem in Summer months, unless there is strong Vatta aggravation. Moreover, the avocado makes this so nice and creamy, which pacifies Vatta.
One might add cumin, or substitute dill for cilantro, in for Vatta, to make it less cooling and a little warmer in the stomach. Using a fragrant fresh ground black pepper will also stimulate Agni and balance the cooling element.


Kapha types, who are large boned, with large mounds of flesh, tending towards both cold and sluggishness, could add fresh green chili pepper in place of or in addition to the bell pepper. They could also raise the amount of black pepper, using it fresh ground.

As with all recipes, the above ingredients are guidelines, the important thing, to me, is the concept of the dish, namely the addition of avocado to the traditional pairing of cucumber with yogurt. Some folk will like more of this and less of that; others less of this and more of that. Enjoy, and let me know how it comes out if you make it.

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