GMOs. Its not only a question of whether they are safe to eat, here they are live testing GMO’s designed to tolerate 17 TIMES the normal amount of pesticides used on non-organically grown corn. So everyone who lives near this field, and lots do, is breathing this pesticide air. Are GMOs safe? Is nuclear energy safe? Whether or not GMOs are safe to eat, the problem is trusting industry driven solely by profit motive, to consider the effects of their products on humans. This is true across the board…from the sugar in Coca Cola to unscrupulous televangelists and health care providers. Profit motive is easily a corrupting force, and it takes vigilance to deal with it as individuals and groups.

In Kauai, chemical companies Dow, BASF, Syngenta and DuPont spray 17 times more pesticide per acre (mostly herbicides, along with insecticides and fungicides) than on ordinary cornfields in the US mainland, according to the most detailed study of the sector, by the Center for Food Safety.

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