KEEP THE SURFER WARM DeCOCTION is my own mixture of Chinese Herbs, extracted here in the USA by Kan Herbs Co (see link below to learn more about their process).

I have used it over the years with my surfer buddies and patient to improve performance, prevent colds, surfer’s ear, yeast infections, aches and pains, and actually keeps you warm in the cold water. It gives you the peace of mind you need to just focus on surfing well.

This dual water/alcohol extract contains Chinese Medicine herbs that were used traditionally in Martial Arts training to improve performance and prevent tendon and ligament injury; and that were used medically to boost immune function, promote longevity, and eliminate “wind cold damp toxins” from the head, joints, and lower body, the cause of much joint pain, ear infection, and yeast problems.

Keep Surfer Warm decoction really works! I have helped many surfers and snow boarders with this formula since 1992. Kan herb’s unique closed system dual water alcohol extract process retains all the natural essential oils of the herbs, and at the same time extracts the chemical constituents of the tonic herbs that are sensitive to alcohol.

The other issue with Chinese and other herbal preparations is quality and contamination. Kan herbs are the only supplier that issues certificates of analysis demonstrating their products are free of heavy metal and pesticide contamination.
(see below)

How to Use:

Depending on the season, your health, and weight, take from 2 to 6 dropper-fulls of extract in 4 oz of water, juice, or hot ginger or cinnamon tea before going in the water. If a cold type person take another dose when getting out, especially in cold weather or when staying in the water longer.


$24 per 1 oz bottle. One bottle yields appx. 11 3-dropper-full doses
Shipping and Handling $9.95, free for orders over $7\55
Volume discounts available. Also available in Granule form.

Quality Assurance from Start to Finish
Committed to the Pursuit of Good Medicine

Meticulous about the potency, quality and safety of every proprietary product, Kan Herb Company manufactures all formulas at our facility in California, surpassing rigorous current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Kan Herb Company controls all phases of the production process, from procurement and testing of raw ingredients, to manufacturing and packaging of our products. We do not leave these critical processes to another, thereby risking contamination, substitution of herbs, or falsified test results. Combining outstanding formulations by modern masters of Traditional Chinese Medicine with exceptionally strict standards, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and methodologies, Kan Herb Company stands apart as a quality leader. Our Certificates of Analysis, offered with each proprietary product, attest to the potency and purity of our products. We are confident that our products will meet your needs.

Many companies selling Chinese herbal products in the U.S. market do not inspect the raw herbs procured for their products, nor do they oversee the manufacturing process, which often occurs outside U.S. borders. Assurance of quality, safety and identity are left to others.

Testing to ensure the proper identity or composition of the final product is rarely performed. The only assurance these companies have that their products are what they are claimed to be, is the documentation provided to them by the manufacturers.

If Certificates of Analysis, are available, they are often in Chinese or poor English translations. More often than not, the laboratory results provided are conducted by the manufacturer’s own laboratories, rather than by independent, recognized laboratories. The accuracy of the Certificates of Analysis, and thus the quality and safety of the products, can justifiably be called into question.



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