Chinese Medicine excels at the all-natural treatment of Woman’s Health. Here is a verbatim email recently from a patient of mine, T., who suffers from Uterine fibroids, heavy bleeding, and PMS.

Hey E!

Amazing…. I awoke with my period this morning and had no idea it was coming! No swelling/bloating, no growth of the fibroids with the hormone flow, no irritability, no cramps or back ache! Just a slow, deep deep brick red flow right now! TCM and herbs………….wow! Im always so damn impressed!…

T’s previous visit she was having such heavy bleeding on Day 2 of her period she had to stay home and change her pad every hour. I had her come in that afternoon and I did direct thread moxa (see Loraine Wilcox’s Moxabustion page on FB for more details on what Moxa is the famous point Yin Bai(Spleen 1), at the corner of the toe nail of the big toes, 3 x on each foot. This is a treatment for any kind of abnormal bleeding due to “Spleen Vacuity,” which is a technical term in Chinese Medicine, used to describe a set group of biological patterns.

I learned the power of direct moxabustion therapy during my years as an apprentice when we did it on a women who was literally bleeding on the table, and by the end of the treatment had stooped.

By the evening after T’s treatment with moxabustion her bleeding had slowed down to normal, and by the next day was starting to end. The above email was the next thing i heard, and i thought i should it with you

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