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“The sinusitis patients who do well are the ones who really abide by using the Neti pot or the saline irrigation bottles. And whether we add additional medications or not to the saline, it’s that mechanical flushing and lavage that really has a tremendous effect. Because it’s getting rid of the mucus, getting rid of all the inflammatory cells and whatever bacteria are there.” from the above article.

My response:

This is a really great article. As a practitioner of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, it is so exciting to hear two different M.D. specialists finally telling their patients what we in Ayurveda have known for quite a long time: all the body’s orifices have to be kept clean. When I first described the Neti pot to my patients in 1992, they thought I was weird. Some of them even had M.D.’s frighten them out of using them.

Now the Neti pot is ubiquitous, and Tongue Scrapers, which remove a ghastly amount of sticky nastiness off your tongue in the morning, are sold at Wal-Mart and recommended by most Dentists and Hygienists; hopefully, more and more M.D.s would start to realize that, we too have a body of knowledge, not to mention wisdom, that is separate, but equal, and in some ways and for some diseases, even superior, to their body of knowledge.

I would add one thing to what these two lovely young M.D.’s have to say. As one of the key points in chronic sinusitis is inflammation, it might behoove them to investigate the use of acupuncture to reduce the inflammation and promote drainage.

I have had good success with some pretty bad cases, using a combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. The brands I use are Kan Herbals, and Blue Poppy herbs, both of which are tested for heavy metal and even pesticide contamination. They are on the net.

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