What Are Cupping Marks?

Cupping therapy is an excellent adjunct to dry needling therapy for myofascial pain.

Myofasical pain is chronic pain associated with chronically tight muscles and fascia….

We do the dryneedling first, with or without electrostim to release locked tight muscles and fascia by releasing triggerpoints and stimulating the motor points of the muscles.

This cause the muscles and fascia to return to their normal legnth…

We follow that with cupping to break up adhesions in the superfcial layers of fascia..

in the process microtears of the capillaries occur, which is a good thing.

Cupping Marks After Dry Needling

Cupping Marks after Dry Needling

This way new blood rushes in and flushes out lactic acid and other natural toxins that occur with chronic myofascial tightness

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