Mindfulness Meditation Class Series in October

• Experience Deep Relaxation and Profound Inner Peace
• Lighten Your Reactions to Stress
• Apply the Lessons of Mindfulness to Your Daily Life
• Use Mindfulness to Reduce Pain and Heal Disease
• Be in the Moment With Yourself and Others

When: Saturdays October 10 thru 31, from 2:00-3:30 P.M.

Where: 3577 Louisiana St, San Diego, CA 92104 Rear Bldg

Class Fee: $50 if paid by Oct 1; $65 afterwards. MC/Visa, Check

To Register: 619/296-7591 or info@bodymindwellnesscenter.com
Seating is Very Limited, Please Register Early

About the Instructor: Eyton Shalom, M.S., L.Ac. began his study of meditation, yoga, and natural medicine in 1971, gaining initiation into Kriya Kundalini Yoga. Over the next twelve years he practiced Kriya Yoga sadhana in a monastic setting for 8 hours per day.

During his stay in India and Sri Lanka he was introduced to Vipassana practice. Vipassana is “seeing things as they really are.” Its core is Insight and Awareness gained by Mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness is the main tool for developing Insight and Awareness in Vipassana, which has been popularized in the West by such books as “The Power of Now.”

This class is a comprehensive introduction to the practice of Mindfulness meditation and Vipassana philosophy, which are considered to be the actual teachings of the Buddha.

This class is completely non-sectarian, and also fun. It is perfect for the person who wants to learn to meditate minus religious and other dogma. This is an excellent intro for anyone whose aim is to do an extended retreat.

Eyton is a lively and colorful teacher who breaks it down to the small steps needed for rideing the bike of the mind.

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