Junk mail adding to your stress? All those newsprint ad thingies in rubber banded plastic you never asked for littering your driveway, front door, or sidewalk bugging you?

Here is a  San Diego Free Press article  on what to do.

The number to call to stop the San Diego Union Tribune weekly advert that is delivered on Fridays in North Park at least is 1-800- 533-8830 STAR 6 to get a live human being.

from the article:


In San Diego there are a few more companies that are likely sending junk mail your way.  Opt out via the following methods.

  • U-T San Diego – Even if you’re not a subscriber to the local newspaper you likely find advertisements delivered to your driveway occasionally.  The U-T does not have an online opt-out per my conversation with a representative but you can opt-out by calling 800-533-8830 (then Option 6 to be connected to a person) and requesting to be removed from all mailing lists.  This includes enlace (Spanish newspaper), San Diego Extra, and Local Community Values (advertisement mailings).
  • Red Plum – The thick coupon and advertisement mailings that arrive weekly to many homes in San Diego.
  • Pennysaver – Another weekly advertisement mailing that includes many classified-type ads.

Opting out via the above links will address most of your junk mail.  For specific companies / mailings in the future Catalog Choice is a good tool to manage unwanted catalogs and mail.  Catalog Choice assists with opt-out requests for specific companies that send you mail (Cox, Home Depot, etc.) that may not fall into the above categories and be covered by a general opt-out request.  Catalog Choice also offers a fee service, MailStop Shield, that can be purchased for $35 a year to stop junk mail….”



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