Comic article in NY Times by a child of Russian immigrants about getting to the bottom of why Russians don’t use ice in their drinks. Of course the whole world doesn’t. In fact, what is great is that, more or less, as you read the comments below her article, you see that all over the world people drink beverages neutral or, in fact, warm or hot, and that people understand it as a health measure. Call it a public health measure if you want!

The Chinese and Indians, in particular, tend to hot beverages, and note that cold beverages, and an excess of cold things in general, weaken you and makes you susceptible to colds, sore throats, etc.

Both Chi Med and Ayurveda attribute this to the simple fact, so obvious once you think about it, that life is a warm process, engendered by warmth. One of the centers of this process is the digestive tract. In fact, it seems, the stomach is 101 degrees, not 98.6. Putting iced beverages in the stomach is like putting an ice pack on a bruise; it seems to inhibit the flow of blood to the linking, exactly where it needs to be.

Digestive fire, “Agni” or “Spleen Qi” is, along with the breath, the mind, and genetic inheritance, a key factor in the immune system. Don’t damage it with too much cold energy food, (raw food, salad, watermelon, and physically cold things with ice or from the frig/freezer, like smoothies) especially in Summer when its easy to overindulge.

In fact a treatment for asthma, is to heat the lung and kidney Qi in late summer with moxa-bustion.

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