Now that their web site is up and running, I wanted to again mention Halcyon tea, a lovely little tea shop in San Diego with excellent quality teas of all types: Ooolong, Pu-erh, Green, Black, Scented, and Herbal. (As well as a fine array of tea pots and paraphenelia)I have tried 5-6 teas from them so far, and each was really superb.

I particularly liked the following tea Silver Needle Beencha

This uncooked pu-erh is crafted from downy Yin Zhen leaf buds to create a sweet, silky cup with soft notes of green melon. Incredibly drinkable, this offering is completely different from the other pu-erhs we stock. This makes for an excellent addition to any aficionado’s list. Crafted in 2005, it is perfect for continued aging

and on the other end of the price spectrum, this dark Pu Erh,

1997 Imperial Shou

This loose-style offering yields a smooth, richly sweet character. It begins with significant earthy overtones of chocolate and cinnamon which mellow and become exceptionally sweet after several infusions. Pairs well with heavier foods. Perfect for dim sum.

See my earlier blog entry on Pu Erh tea, too. Excellent for people getting off coffee, who still want a dark strong drink…

My favorite tea pot is the traditional Chinese Yixing Purple Jade. This is the tea pot that absorbs the fragrance of your tea, so that over time, as it gets seasoned, your tea becomes more and more fragrant. However, for that effect, you have to have a separate pot for darker teas like Pu Erh, and lighter green teas, otherwise your green teas will start to smell like Pu Erh.

In use for well over 1,000 years, the yixing teapot is a study in traditional Chinese tea culture. Though they may take on various shapes and sizes, the essence of a yixing teapot lies in its materials and craftsmanship. Our selections are handcrafted from Yixing purple clay. The porous material absorbs the flavors and aromas of the tea during steeping, with continued use effectively seasoning the pot to enhance each infusion. Some say that after years of use, a well-seasoned Yixing pot can yield a fragrant cup by simply adding water to the pot sans leaves. 5 oz.

Happy soon-to-be Winter!

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