Briefly, Organic Valley’s Grass Fed Cow’s Milk is healthier, containing Omega 3’s, is not homogenized, and tastes much better. It smells and tastes what the free range milk in my small village in India tasted like, or like the milk on the farm in Putney, Vermont I spent i summer on.

Coming soon, “Is Milk “Bad” for You?

The answer, in brief– No, unless you have a damp cold condition/elevated Kapha imbalance with symptoms like chronic phlegm, sinus congestion, overweight….

Remedy. No milk for a while. Definitely no cheese. But if you take milk, heat it with cardamom or ginger to counter the moistening effect. Ginger and cardamom are drying, and heating the milk breaks down the protein, making it more digestible.

To the argument that human’s are the only mammals to drink milk past infancy?

Tell that to the Masai and Bedouin, for whom milk is a mainstay. Well, human’s are the only ones who plant trees and grow kale, too.

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