An article today in the Guardian about a village in Sardinia  with a high incidence of centenarians, despite high levels of obesity and tobacco consumption got me pondering about the role of  Diet and Lifestyle in Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine. The main point being this, leaving aside DNA, which is a big part of health and wellness, what Chinese Medicine calls your “Pre Natal Qi” (another words, the Qi you were gifted by your parents at conception, akin to being born with a savings account, your “Post Natal Qi” , which is the money you deposit or withdraw from that savings account, is a function of a wide range of diet and lifestyle factors–from what you eat to how you eat it, from how well you learned to process or not process painful truths and emotions, to how open minded  you are, to how good you are at going to bed early–there is such an array of factors under the title of Diet and Lifestyle, including what Buddhism call “Mental Culture,” how your train your mind.

Its never a waste to eat fresh organic food. But if you gobble down your beautiful organic meal in a hurry in front of your computer you are unlikely to digest it well, unless you happen to have fantastic digestion, which there is a 33.333 per cent chance of. Its never smart to smoke cigarettes, and I am sure even the 100 year olds from the above Sardinian village might feel better if they did not smoke, nevertheless, there is obviously something about their lifestyle and DNA that compensates.

That is why its fruitless to try to come up with a health food store product, like Red Wine extract, to try to buy health. Healing is a process, not a Pill, and its a process of developing an OVERALL healthy lifestyle from A to Z, and then not worry yourself sick either when you slip up.

Here is an essay with more information on this topic from the Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, and Ayurveda perspective on my blog, Kitchen Medicine Cooking Medicine.

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