Radical herbal and food cleanses damage Agni/Digestive Fire due to their over-use of cold purgative medicinals and hard to digest rough foods. They are an over reaction to another mistake, the standard industrialized denatured diet.

The best way to clean the body is with a preponderance of lightly cooked vegetables, the appropriate usage of herbs and spices that keep digestive fire optimum, avoidance of over-eating and intoxicants.

Digestion is a warm process involving transformation of gross material into essence; this process is based on a healthy mental attitude towards food and self-nourishment, as well as a healthy gut. Using purgative herbs and colonics is treating your gut as if it were a sewer; in fact the gut is like a pot of soup cooking on a stove; to make the soup cook most efficiently is to have the correct ratio of flame, hot water, and food stuffs– lower the flame too far and it takes forever to cook; add cold water and the cooking slows down, put too much in the pot and it can’t get adequately hot.

The best way to nourish the body is to eat a diet high in a variety of fresh, locally grown, organic vegetable, with a little bit of lots of other things that are equally fresh and full of life-force (Qi). But one must also have a healthy mental attitude, that is be able to relax around food and eating, otherwise your mental stagnation will obstruct the digestion process. You see this with rushed eating, eating under external work pressures, but more than anything you see it from internally generated pressure–the unmitigated natural pressure of the Pitta, the natural nervousness of the Vatta, the sloth, over eating and poor choices of the Kapha.

When Vatta type fear (of disease and dying) combine with Pitta type intensity, that is a recipe for health obsessed diets in which the patient never really relaxes around food. Food is a beautiful gift from nature, it is and should be pleasurable, even sensual. It can be healthy, too. There is a time for a more monastic approach to diet, cleansing, but cleansing should be done in a way that “respects the local dieties.” Here the “diety” is Agni, your digestive fire, which is harmed by an excess of the kinds of Bitter Cold herbs that are in cleanses, that is harmed by an excess of raw food cellulose, as much as it is by too much heavy foods like meat and cheese.

Here is a very sensible balanced cleanse that purifies the kidneys, liver, gall bladder, and blood safely without damaging Agni. It is excellent for aiding in weight loss.


1 gallon water
1 large bunch parsley
1 cup burdock root
1 cup celery
1 cup carrot
5-6 slices ginger root

Optional Additions

1 large piece Kombu sea vegetable
1 cup daikon radish
1/2 cup dried Shitake mushroom

Bring contents to a boil. Simmer for 45 minutes.

Drink 1 cup of the above broth daily in the morning upon rising. Drink a second cup daily in mid afternoon. Follow this for 1-3 months, beginning in June and you will naturally eat less. Combine with a sensible exercise program and you are sure to lose around 10 lbs in 3 months pretty easily.
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