Ayurvedic Dental Hygiene

A lot of the lifestyle practices recommended in Ayurveda, including Ayurvedic dental hygiene, happen to also be common practices in India culture, especially in rural areas which are more traditional

When it comes to Ayurvedic dental hygiene the starting point is simple,

ALWAYS rinse your mouth out with water after eating, swishing and swooshing the water around in your mouth so as to remove all the food particles.

When I lived in Tamil Nadu, in South India, the restaurants all had sinks along a wall somewhere making it easy to wash your hands before and after eating, and rinse the mouth. (On the other hand bathrooms, unless you were in a 5 star kind of place, did not exist).

The problem arises in that often in our modern lifestyle, we eat on the run, even in the car, or at our desk. And, even rinsing with water, while effective may not get all the acids that lead to weakening of dental enamel out of the mouth.

There is a fantastic product, called Peelu chewing gum with Xylito, made by the Peelu Company, Peelu Gum on Amazon dot com,  that contains Xylitol and Peelu, and is sugar free. I have been chewing this stuff after each meal and every snack since my last dental hygiene exam four months ago, and at my most recent exam the hygienist was thrilled that I had much less stain and tartar than normal.

So I recommend this product in addition to rinsing your mouth with water after meals. What it does is flood your mouth with bacteria reducing saliva, as well as anti-cavity Xylitol…..

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