Cucumber Avocado Summer Soup

Cucumber Avocado Summer Soup is light, cooling, full of fiber, easy to digest, and safe for all three Doshas

Peppermint and Gotu Kola Ayurvedic Cooling Summer Tea

Peppermint is considered cooling in Chinese Medicine, while Spearmint is a little bit warming. Peppermint’s use in tea is versatile. Gotu Kola/Brahmi/Centella Asiatica is used widely in Ayurvedic medicine for its rejuvenating and calming qualities.

Winter Cleanse Soup with Burdock, Dandelion, and Kombu

  Most everyone overeats around the holidays, its hard not to; food is one of life's great pleasures; sharing it with people you love is even greater. So, at the end of December, when you have eaten too much, and too richly, take a few days and rest...

Recipes to Keep you Eating with the Seasons

by Eyton J. Shalom, M.S., L.Ac

Jewish Style Sweet and Sour Vegan Cabbage

Jewish Style Sweet and Sour Vegan Cabbage Cabbage is one of nature’s miracle foods. You don’t have to buy exotic foods like Goji berry to have a healthy diet. Goji berries are great, and are used in Chinese medicine as food medicine and in medicinal formulas for...

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R-U-Ved ProVata Tea

R-U-Ved ProVata Tea A simple way to take the edge off of the cold, windy, dryness of the late Autumn early Winter Vata season is with Ayush's R-U-Ved ProVata Tea. I have no stock in this company, and get nothing but good karma for recommending their fine products. You...

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Ginger Root Tea Recipe for Winter

Here is a great ginger root tea recipe for cold weather in Winter or Late Autumn. A basic principle in Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda is that life is a warm process. Its a process of warm transformation of cold air and raw food stuffs into warm, 98.5 degree blood and,...

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Healthy Summer Fruit Tart

A Healthy Summer Fruit Tart is a nutrient dense food full of fiber, vitamins, minerals, flavanoids, antioxidants, and protein, with high amounts of life force from fresh ripe, organic ingredients, and without what's bad for you--white sugar, artificial stuff,...

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Winter Wisdom: Chinese Medicine

Winter Wisdom of Chinese Medicine The Nei Jing/Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine, which presents the cutting edge medical wisdom of its time, is full of brilliant advice for both prevention and cure.  Chapter 2 describe how to adjust our lifestyles to...

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Ayurveda Summer Tea Ayush ProPita Tea

My favorite herbal tea for hot weather is Ayurveda Summer Tea Ayush ProPita Tea. Ayush ProPita tea is a naturally cooling tea that is mildly relaxing. ProPita tea combines cooling herbs and spices like Tulsi,  Sandalwood, and Cardamon,  with sweet soothing spices like...

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Raw Beet Salad Morrocan and Provencal Styles

Raw Beet Salad Beets are super high in betacyanin, a phyto-nutrient associated with their deep red color. Unfortunately, according to what I have read, this anti-cancer chemical is destroyed by cooking. Though Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine do not at all advocate for a...

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