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Autumn in Chinese Medicine

Posted by on Oct 22, 2013

Autumn Fall Autumn in Chinese Medicine is the time of falling, hence its secondary name. Spring up, Fall down.  In fact we even use the word autumn to describe a period in the human life span, the autumnal years, a period of beautiful maturity that is also verging on decline. In Autumn the celestial Qi, which is another way of describing the effects of the sun, moon, stars, and of course the weather (that in turn is a function of the effects of the sun in terms of the seasons), recedes in Autumn from its full bloom of summer....

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Allergies and Sinusitis in Autumn

Posted by on Oct 17, 2013

People suffering from allergies and sinus conditions in the Autumn in San Diego dread the dry heat that wafts in from the desert during the “Santa Ana” conditions. This movement of air from the east brings with it dust, pollen and other un-pleasantries like agrarian pollutants from the Imperial Valley. At its best the Santa Anas are simply dry, at their worst, dry, windy and very hot. Allergies and sinus conditions are worsened by this weather. What can you do? Acupuncture My first line of treatment for allergies is acupuncture and cupping. Acupuncture can help nip respiratory allergies (allergic...

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Posted by on Oct 14, 2013

  “Good Digestion, Good Sleep, Good Prognosis.”  –Old Chinese Medical Adage:   The digestive tract is the inner core of the body. Good digestion is one of the foundations of health. Our body’s very cells are built from the food that we eat and the oxygen that our lungs extract from the air around us. If our digestion is weak, incomplete, or damaged, our bodies do a poor job of assimilating  the nutritive elements found in our foods. Poor digestion can be a function of several  factors: an inborn weakness in the digestive tract due to bodymind type;  the...

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Goji Berries in Chinese Herbal Medicine

Posted by on Mar 24, 2013

I got to thinking about Goji Berries in Chinese Herbal Medicine  recently, when someone wrote in to ask whether Goji berries are best eaten raw or cooked? The following is my response to the following question sent in. Eyton, I received a box of dried fructus lycii, (goji berries)from a friend and on the back of the box it says ‘this product needs to clean and cook thoroughly before consumption. However, other google references to the berries say they can be eaten like raisins. Do these berries have to be clean(ed) and cooked? Thanks, Joe   Goji Berries in...

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Acupuncture for Trigger Point Pain Relief/Acupuncture in the News

Posted by on Feb 17, 2013

CBS News Video on Acupuncture for Trigger Point Pain and Other Pain at Montifiore Hospital in New York The M.D. in this video doing acupuncture for trigger point pain is going to hurt his own back if he does not improve his  bio-mechanics.  If I were him i would use a wheeled stool, which is what I use in my own acupuncture practice here in San Diego. This report makes reference to trigger point pain, which is what the woman being treated for back and leg/buttock pain is being given acupuncture for. Trigger points are a significant factor in...

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The Way of Heaven at the Winter Solstice: Practical Idealism

Posted by on Dec 19, 2012

It has forever struck me as odd, if not delusional, that anyone would think the  human mammalian body is magically not subject to the cycles of solar, lunar, and terrestrial energies that cause trees to drop down their leaves in  Fall; that cause our cousins the bears to hibernate and be still across long winter, or to purge their intestines of accumulated gases by first eating the plant called “skunk cabbage” on waking in spring; that cause the crocus to be the first to shoot up flowers in late February, and that lead to the ultimate explosion of blue...

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Healthy Living for Vata in Autumn: Tips/Template

Posted by on Oct 15, 2012

Health Tips for Vatta   The core of health in Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine are Lifestyle and Diet. You cannot cure with a drug or herb what you have created with a lifestyle. You must correct what is wrong and use the herbs. Here is a template for a health lifestyle for Vatta. In real life, we are all bi-doshic, (some few are tridoshic) so this must be adjusted by your Ayurvedic consultant to accomodate your primary and secondary doshas….   *establish a regular routine of food, exercise, rest, and sleep *do an Ayurvedic self-massage with warm sesame oil...

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Vacation Time in Ayurvedic Medicine

Posted by on Oct 10, 2012

In the Vedas, the oldest known Indian religious texts, it says, “Go find a quiet place.” This admonition  occurs in the context of what you must do to know God.  It is noteworthy that what it does not say is to go to a temple, the places in which the Gods were worshiped in ancient India.   Ayurveda, which is from the youngest of the four “Vedas” (these religious texts, somewhat like the Talmud of rabbinic Judaism, address topics from religion to  agriculture to marriage to music to medicine) defines itself as the science of life; it describes, among...

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Heaven Mountain Goji Berry

Posted by on May 20, 2012

Heaven Mountain Goji Berry is one of Nature’s Super Foods Lots of foods are super foods, nutrient dense and full of anti-oxidant or anti-biotic value, like cabbage, nettles, and onions. One that has received a lot of well deserved hype are Goji Berries and Heaven Mountain Goji Berry is my favorite source for quality. Gou Qi Zi are packed with all kinds of phytochemicals such a beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, betaine, polysaccharides (LBPs), trace minerals, Vitamins B and C, and even linoleic acid.. They have proven anti-oxidant value. Heaven Mountain Goji Berry in Classical Chinese Herbal Medicine Historically, Goji Berries were...

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"Its the Qi, Stupid!" or "Why Buy Organic Locally Grown Food"

Posted by on Jul 18, 2010

“It’s the Qi, Stupid!” or, Why Buy Locally Grown Organic Food. The primary requirement Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda make from our food, is that it should be full of Qi. But what is Qi? One could translate Qi as “Life-force”. It is related to the Yogic notion of Prana, or the Pneuma of the the Ancient Greeks. The Chinese character for Qi suggests the steam rising from a pot of freshly cooked rice. This image yields several characteristics of Qi– one, that it is warm, like steam; two, that it is light, like a gas; three that it is...

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What Is a Healthy Digestive Tract

Posted by on Mar 24, 2009

What Are the Signs of a Healthy Digestive Tract? A healthy digestive tract is marked by “good appetite, good digestion and good elimination.” This will produce a clean tongue coating, a postive feeling after eating, and regular, easy, productive elimination. What is good appetite? Good appetite means feeling hungry at meal times, anywhere from two to five times per day, depending on your dosha. There is no rule about times, just that you should crave food fairly strongly with regularity. If you don’t that is typically a sign of weak digestive fire/Agni. What is good digestion? Good digestion means...

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Vegan Sea and Land Vegetable Soup for Spring

Posted by on Mar 12, 2009

This wonderful soup is in the category of recipes for gently cleansing and renewing the body in Spring, or whenever you feel weak or are recovering from illness. It relies on the deep flavors of root vegetables, sea vegetables, and shitake mushroom. It is a simple soup with subtle flavors to be savored slowly and mindfully. Shitake mushrooms are an excellent fragrant mushroom that in Chinese Herbal Medicine are used to strengthen the stomach and intestines, invigorate the blood, fortify the bones, and re-enforce the Qi and Yang of the body. The Qi and Yang are, among other things,...

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