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Are Colonics Useful?

Posted by on Sep 10, 2017

On the issue of Are Colonics Useful?–from the standpoint of Classical Chinese Medicine  Colonic “Irrigation”, High Colonics, and Colon Cleanses are a disaster. Better Ways to Treat Your Colon They are exactly the wrong way to treat our guts, which are like soup cooking on a flame, not like sewers.  Our colons are, first of all, self cleaning. Secondly, if you want to get your colon working optimally, the best way is to give it a rest with gentle fasting. Another factor, the major factor, is diet. Stop eating junk, start eating freshly made food rich in vegetables and...

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Why Its Harder to Lose Weight When Your Older

Posted by on Aug 10, 2017

Good information in THIS  NY Times Health section article on why its harder to lose weight when you are older. I am always fascinated by the elegant way in which Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda describe, in their own terms, what Western Science describes in its terms and view, which is, “through the microscope. Chinese medicine says clearly that at 6×6 (Chinese culture loves conceptualizing various things and processes in terms of groups of numbers that imply a secondary concept….here, that our grow occurs in groups of 6 years), another words, at age 36, our need for food declines, as...

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Arsenic in Rice

Posted by on Jul 31, 2017

Arsenic in Rice and heavy metal toxins in foods and medicines in general is a genuine problem.   Organic Heavy Metals in Soil   Some soils are naturally rich in minerals, including, unfortunately toxic minerals, like organic arsenic and lead.  Arsenic is not only deadly in high doses, but regular consumption of arsenic at low doses, from a food like rice, is highly carcinogenic, carrying even greater risk for children.   Inorganic Arsenic from Pesticide and Fertilizer   Inorganic Arsenic, even more toxic than naturally occurring organic Arsenic is found in soil that has been contaminated with arsenic from...

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Vegan, Gluten-Free Thumbprint Cookies with Jam

Posted by on Mar 14, 2017

Vegan, Gluten-Free Thumbprint Cookies with Jam Low-Sugar, Vegan Thumbprint Cookies are fun to make! Kids love making them and eating them. A great way to get nutrient dense nuts, seeds, and legumes into the diet. I grind my pumpkin seeds and roasted chickpeas in my coffee grinder. Low sugar and high in protein and healthy fats. See here for more info on ingredients and how to… Here are a few recipes that are variants on the theme of my previous post, linked above. Recipe for a Small Batch of Vegan, Gluten-Free Thumbprint Cookies with Jam 3 tbsp Roasted Chickpeas...

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ProPita Tea by R-U-Ved

Posted by on Jul 16, 2016

ProPita Tea is a delicious blend of cooling herbs and spices that makes a naturally refreshing summer tea, whether drunk hot in the morning or room temperature/cool during the day. I  love to brew a quart of ProPita tea in the hot weather with two bags, brewing it strong (leave the bags in), and  when it cools down mixing it at a 50-50 ratio with mineral water and a dash of lime juice for a drink that is mentally and physically uplifting during the overheated summer months. R-U-Ved ProPita Tea Ingredients R-U-Ved ProPita Tea contains the Pitta pacifying Indian...

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Mindfulness Meditation Body Scanning

Posted by on Dec 12, 2015

Mindfulness Meditation Body Scanning One of the challenges of modern life is balancing the stress response with the relaxation response. Mindfulness Meditation Body Scanning, found in Yoga, Tai Qi, and Mindfulness Meditation (Buddha was, after all, a Yogi before becoming an Awakened One) is a fabulous way to take your body and its nervous system out of the fight or flight response into a state of deep calm and repose. Mindfulness Meditation Body Scanning is a valuable component of a healthy lifestyle, and really useful for people with nervous system related functional disorders like IBS irritable bowel syndrome, IC...

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GMO’s and Carcinogenic Pesticides

Posted by on Aug 23, 2015

GMOs. Its not only a question of whether they are safe to eat, here they are live testing GMO’s designed to tolerate 17 TIMES the normal amount of pesticides used on non-organically grown corn. So everyone who lives near this field, and lots do, is breathing this pesticide air. Are GMOs safe? Is nuclear energy safe? Whether or not GMOs are safe to eat, the problem is trusting industry driven solely by profit motive, to consider the effects of their products on humans. This is true across the board…from the sugar in Coca Cola to unscrupulous televangelists and health...

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Circadian Rhythms, Chinese Medicine, and Smart Phones

Posted by on Aug 19, 2015

The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic /Huangdi neijing, written in the 3rd millennium BCE, is one of the two foundational texts of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, and the first to discuss what are now known as circadian rhythms. It contains much of the essential Chinese Medical theory that all later texts reference, and that forms the essential mind-set of classical Chinese Medical practice. One of the most basic notions of the Nei Jing is something found in most traditional cultures, even in the South of France, to this day; namely, that as the seasons change, so to should our lifestyles and...

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Stress and High Blood Pressure: Seven Ways to Keep it Down

Posted by on Jul 9, 2015

Stress and High Blood Pressure: Seven Ways to Keep it Down, adapted from the Harvard Medical School Health Beat Newsletter:   When it comes to preventing and treating high blood pressure, one strategy that M.D.s often overlook is managing stress. If you often find yourself tense and on-edge,  if you tend to impatience and irritability, or road rage, or tossing and turning at night, or lieing awake staring at the ceiling thinking of work or the day that’s passed, try these seven strategies to reduce stress. Get enough sleep. Inadequate or poor-quality sleep can negatively affect your mood, mental...

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Smoothies for Vata Dosha

Posted by on Jun 24, 2015

Smoothies for Vata Dosha–Part One A reader had this comment recently about Smoothies for Vata Dosha, after reading this article about Raw Veggies or Salad for a Vatta Dominant Person. Are Smoothies Better than Juicing for Vata Dosha? “I see that the key here is to balance out the combination of ingredients so that the salad has the soothing and grounding properties. For a Vatta DOSHA would you recommend that instead of juicing, taking blended raw fruits and veggies which include all of the fiber and additional water? I’d like to add more raw into my diet and am...

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Measles Vaccine Controversy: Over vaccination

Posted by on Feb 2, 2015

The Measles Vaccine controversy is raging, and its important to dis-enjamb the issues; its not a black and white case of all-vaccination vs. no vaccination, its a case of should we have over vaccination vs reasonable and safe vaccination. The media is doing a good job  NY Times Article in service of the pharmaceutical-industrial complex in conflating opposition to OVER vaccination of children for mild diseases like mumps and chicken pox, without regard to the long term effects on the immune system and potential repurcussions for increased susceptibility to auto-immune diseases, along with opposition to unreasonable and unhealthy rapid...

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Bone Marrow Soup, Part 2: Winter

Posted by on Jan 24, 2015

Bone Marrow Soup, Part 2: Winter In cold weather its natural to crave warm food. And the alchemical transformation of solids into liquids, of vegetables and meats or bones into soup, is a way of liberating the essence of these foodstuff into a substance that is much closer to blood, which is the destiny of all food, than foods as solids themselves. That is why when you are sick in China, India, or even Europe and the USA when I was a kid, your mom gave you easily digested liquids and solids like tea and dry toast, or chicken...

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Bone Marrow Soup in Winter: Part 1

Posted by on Dec 17, 2014

Bone broth, or what we call bone marrow soup in Chinese Medicine is just the rage right now, and for good reason. Extracting the essence of solid things, like bones and root vegetables, into liquid, or bone marrow soup, is the fastest way to nourish our own deepest essence, called Jing in Chinese medicine.  In Ayurveda this is called nourishing the deepest level of the tissues, or dhatus.  Like builds like in Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, so that the minerals and building blocks locked into the deepest recesses of an animal, its bones, and a plant, its roots, are said...

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Environmental Working Group: Toxin Free Environment and Chinese Medicine

Posted by on Mar 25, 2014

The Environmental Working Group is one of the best Environmental Research and Advocacy non-profits out there, fighting for the right to a Toxin Free Environment. Their website is chock full of consumer guides for: Toxin Free Body Care Products Toxin Free Cleaning Product Toxin Free Home Guide Toxin Free Cosmetics Pesticide Guide for buying fruits and vegetables Toxin Free Sunscreens The Best Water Filters In Chinese Medicine causes of disease are divided into Internal Causes, External Causes, and Miscellaneous Causes. Internal Causes are how our emotions make us sick, External Causes are infectious disease, and Miscellaneous Causes are environmental...

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Is Breast-Feeding Really Better-Well Blog New York Times?

Posted by on Mar 4, 2014

Is Breast-Feeding Really Better? or, “To breast-feed or not to breast-feed, is that even a question?” Besides the obvious emotional factors, in which the baby gets to feel and smell and taste her mother in moments of such closeness they were used in Renaissance Art in Italy as one of the preferred ways of showing the Christian Diety, Joshua of Nazareth, as a suckling infant, Madonna with Child (note: the mother in this depiction comes before the infant),   besides all that psychological stuff that, even without Freud, but with common sense  it seems obvious could contribute to creating...

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